Food Drop Ins

Food Drop Ins

Also known as soup kitchens food drop ins provide a very substantial form of food aid provision in the city of Leeds. A significant proportion of the people they serve have experienced or are experiencing homelessness. Two of the main characteristics which drop ins have is that they are accessible without the need for a referral and often involve the serving of a meal or sandwich and/or soup.

Churches and Christian initiatives have been known for running and providing a suitable venue for this type of food provision to take place and there may be some facilities that are aimed specifically at catering for refugees and asylum seekers. Please read below regarding some of the different types of drop ins in Leeds.

For more specific information either contact the food provider directly by email, follow their website / facebook link if they have one. Alternatively you can go back to the homepage and click on Signposting to Food Providers in order to access the Homeless & Food Aid Document.

Neruka's Soup Kitchen

Neruka’s Soup Kitchen


We offer to all who come to the Soup Kitchen a wholesome meal, a warm atmosphere where people meet with others and talk through problems or concerns. We also signpost people to other organisations that provide similar and vital services that they can access.

Contact Neruka on

St George’s Crypt

Crypt Food

St George’s Crypt offers a 3 course lunchtime meal 5 days a week for £1 to  anyone who has access to benefits. Please note that discretion is used where appropriate. We also have 3 meals a day 7 days a week for our residents, both in the main care centre and up at our two satellite hostels.

We offer emergency food parcels for referred individuals up at our Armley Shop on Armley Town Street and do food parcels for families at our central Care Centre.

We have been serving the local Leeds community for 83 years and look forward to serving it as long as we are needed. For more information please access the website link below or make contact using the following details:


Phone: (0113) 245 9061


Twitter: @CryptLeeds

Facebook: St George’s Crypt, Leeds

PAFRAS (Food Provision)


Destitute asylum seekers have no recourse to public funds or any access to any welfare support. They are forced into a life of penury and abject poverty, with no access to food, shelter, clothing and no permission to work. They are also denied of all social and civil rights.

The human aspects of being left without food and no way of purchasing food, has severe consequences of “Starvation”. The severe consequences of being left without food culminates in being malnourished and inflicts damaging physical and psychological harm on the individuals and in extreme circumstances death.

PAFRAS since opening has prepared and served, 35,000 Hot Meals and 21,000 Food Parcels to those rendered destitute.

PAFRAS has supported many destitute pregnant women, who cannot access support from the Home Office until they are seven months pregnant. These are women who live transiently and at high risk. PAFRAS sees that they have an adequate intake of food which is nutritious and high in vitamins. Many babies we have seen born at PAFRAS, are underweight and undernourished.

As one visitor to PAFRAS stated:

“I was eating out of bins, the floor, the grass in the park, what happens after a while is that you walk all over, all the time , looking for ways to eat in order to stay alive”

Phone: 0113 262 2163





Streetwise Love Leeds are all about providing a loving environment, food and clothing to some of the most vulnerable adults in Leeds.

We exist to provide on-going support for adults who are homeless, living in poverty or who simply need a sense of belonging and friendship. We give out food and drinks at our weekly drop-in, where we offer a befriending service, a friendly social atmosphere and work with similar organisations to provide information and guidance to those who are in need.


Facebook: Streetwise Love Leeds

St JJ’s


Picture taken from Little Sisters of the Poor Website –

St JJ’s stands for St Jeanne Jugan. The lady in question was renowned for her care for the poor, the sick and elderly.

St JJ’s in Leeds is an initiative with a Catholic ethos that serves the homeless and hungry. On Friday early evening they serve free meals and provide clothes. People who attend the drop-in have the option of going to a holy hour of mass.

On Sunday morning they do a full English breakfast for the hungry and homeless.

Suzanne Hart, who has been a faithful volunteer of St JJ’s, has been very helpful in producing the Homeless and Food Aid document which is circulated to many initiatives throughout the city.

Key contact – Suzanne Hart


O2 ThinkBig


O2ThinkBig feed the homeless was inspired by a group of O2 Employees and their friends who decided to give out ‘Free food’ to mark the end of Ramadan, to those in need.

Officially started in Oct 2011 and based at Oxford Place Methodist centre since Feb 2012 on the 1st Saturday of each month to feed those who want it. We don’t ask any questions other than ‘would you like Tea or Coffee, and we don’t require any of our visitors to give their names. The project is at the moment entirely funded by our volunteers. We try and interact with our ‘friends’ as much as possible without being intrusive and we make sure they leave us until the next event with a full stomach and a small food parcel to take with them,